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Enrich your Flow with Simon - 50 uur training

€ 635,25
19 juni 2024 09:30 - 17:30 UUR
Enrich your Flow with S...
€ 635,25
19 juni 2024 09:30 - 17:30 UUR
Simon R...
les wordt gegeven doorSimon Rowe
19 juni 2024 09:30 - 17:30 UUR
€ 635,25

Enrich your Flow 50hr training
Ritual practice, the 5 elements & 7 chakras


Diving deeper into the ritual of flow
Are you a lover of Flow practice, eager to go deeper? Let’s journey into the soul and essence of flow practice to discover the inner jewels of this amazing style of Yoga. Join Simon in an ashram style flow immersion to experience the teachings through deep embodied XL practices each day. Explore the legacy, the wisdom and the transformative power of flow. Dive into teachings on the subtle body (Energy body, 5 Elements & 7 Chakras) and learn to create deep transformative Yoga journeys and ritual practices.

Radiant flow 100 hr Certification
This training can be one as part of the 100hr Radiant Flow Certification Program. Read more about the full training program here.

Sequencing of the subtle body
Deepen your studies of the subtle body - 5 elements and the 7 chakras. Learn how to activate and balance the energies and potencies of the chakras & elements to enrich, inspire and transform yourself and your students.

Deepen your experience of Flow as a form of meditation in movement. Explore creative namaskars & sequencing pathways for integrating movement into the flow practice. Experience deep and soulful flow journeys as a sacred pilgrimage back to your Self.

Learn how to use the sacred instruments of asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, music and intelligent Flow sequencing to move through layers of Ego, mind, rigidity and resistance. Experience the transformative power of ritual flow and movement meditation.

Living in Flow
Deepen your understanding of working with solar (Yang) and lunar (Yin) energy in flow.
Learn more from the wisdom of Ayurveda and the Vi-nyasa teachings on living in flow.
Discover how you can modify and shift your energetic practice to move in harmony with the seasons.

Sacred teachings
Enrich your understanding, receive sacred teachings that are the philosophical foundation the flow practice. Let your heart and mind open to the life changing wisdom legacy that has inspired the evolution of the global Flow culture. Learn how you can offer sacred teachings in your own authentic way to deepen your own flow journeys.

Sacred sound and the alchemy of music
Learn how to work with music, sacred sound and mantra magic to enrich your flow experience. Simon shares playlists and tips on managing and sequencing your music & soundscapes to shape and support your flow journeys. Diving in deeper the training is an opportunity to taste and experience the deeper nature of flow practice through deep XL masterclasses and inspiring workshops. Your integration of the teachings is further supported with lectures, workshops, guided meditations and sound healings and magical mantra journeys.

Experience the deep soul activation that is at the heart of the ritual flow experience. These 5 days will deepen your connection to your true nature, connect you to your soul purpose and inspire you to passionately follow your own path, to live your love and embody your freedom.

Morning sessions: each day are dedicated to the embodied experience of deep XL practies as we move through the journey of the 5 elements and the 7 chakras during our 5 days together. These sessions are for you to experience and embody the depth of the ritual flow experience.
Afternoon sessions: include sacred teachings, guided meditations and sound journeys for your deeper integration of the study material. These sessions include (inter-active) lectures, theory and analysis of the methodology of practice. Teachings are also explored in smaller groups and there is time for feedback and Q&A circles.

Online support & certification
This 50hr training is supported by online practices and teachings in a protected online course space available only to the members of the training. Simon supports you after the training is complete and offers back up support through zoom video calls. Simon offers individual evaluation of each student assignment through personal zoom meetings at the end of the training.

Teachings and workshops in this training:

  • Creative namaskars & sequences for embodying the 5 elements & 7 chakras

  • Creative & circular (mandala) sequencing pathways

  • Teaching intermediate poses to students of all levels

  • Yoga & movement synergy - embodying Yoga as movement meditation

  • Integrating Pranayama and breathwork in Flow

  • Living in rhythm - Ayurvedic wisdom & seasonal flow

  • Creating the ritual sacred space for sadhana

  • Sacred sound & music alchemy

  • Mantra, mudra and meditation in ritual flow

  • Embodied philosophy & the wisdom legacy

What you will receive:

  • Printed module syllabus and workbook

  • Workshops and masterclasses to deepen your study and embodied integration.

  • Online resources, videos and support.

  • Certificate of attendance for attendance of all sessions.

  • Certificate of completion (includes successfully completed assignment) for working toward Radiant Flow certification or other Yoga Alliance registrations.

(Interactive) lectures are offered in the theory and methodology of solar practice. Teachings are also explored in smaller groups with time for feedback and Q&A.

About Simon

Want to know more about Simon Rowe? CLICK HERE for his resume.
Want to know more about Radiant Flow? CLICK HERE for videos.

Upcoming Radiant Flow events with Simon Rowe


Module certification options:

 - Certificate of attendance

Students who attend all training hours of the module will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

Thi certification option will not be suitable for students working to 300 hour or 500 hour Yoga Alliance certification.
- 50 hour certificate of completion

Students who wish to qualify for full 50 hour certification are required to complete and deliver a project as specified by the teacher. This will be either a video or written project depending on the module.

Radiant flow certification program 2x 50hr  
This program consists of 2 x 50hr studies (100 hr in total) that can each be done independently. Want to know more about this program and certification? Click here >

As soon as we have received your payment, your place in the training is definitively reserved. Please read our terms of agreement to make sure you are aware of all the details concerning your transaction?

Wednesday: 09.30 AM - 5.30 PM
Thursday: 09.30 AM - 5.30 PM
Friday: 09.30 AM - 5.30 PM
Sunday: 11 AM - 7 P.M
Monday: 09.30 AM to 5.30 PM
*Note: Saturday is a day off and on Sunday there are different times. 

Dates: 19, 20, 21, 23 & 24 June, 2024
Price: € 525,- excl. VAT / € 635,25 incl. VAT.
Place: Amsterdam, De Nieuwe Yogaschool
Language: English & Dutch

More Information in Video Below:

Enrich your Flow Simon