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Tantra met Afke & Stef - 50 uur training

Tantra met Afke & Stef ...

This 50hr Tantra study is given by Afke Reijenga and Stef Kroon

Tantra is a way of life, to welcome everything that comes on your path, from the outside world or coming from within yourself. Tantra excludes nothing and in principle has no judgement on anything. It is about raising your consciousness by way of increasing your life energy. The most direct access to your life energy is through your sexual energy, but beware, tantra is not about sex, it is about intimacy. The more intimate with and aware of yourself, the more able you are to create deep and meaningful relationships with others and your surroundings. And we are all longing to connect more truly with others, especially in this timeframe. Tantra works with the polarity of the male and the female in order to raise energy and consciousness. By means of deep practices and meditations, on your own or with a partner, tantra offers you a path to balance your daily life as well as your spiritual growth.

In tantra it is essential to move from our busy heads into the wisdom of our body and soul. Therefore, the training will be for the most part of a practical nature and less focus on theory. Tantra is all about experiencing! We will take you on a playful journey of movement and dance, standing and sitting meditations, breath work and chakra practices, and mystical ancient tantra meditations. For the theoretical background of tantra, the training comes with a reader.

This training is especially meant for yoga teachers, body workers and others working in the field of expanding consciousness. The training is aimed at giving you tools to integrate tantric principles and meditations in your teachings and practice.

About Stef 
Stef is on the tantric path for more then 10 years, has followed many tantra retreats and trainings with different tantra organisations and is a teammember of WildTantra. He received his spiritual name Safar from Pema Gitama of WildTantra, which means inner journey. He had a career as senior partner of KPMG in the financial services industry, is a registered MMS coach, certified for many educations at Phoenix Opleidingen and he has a practise as a life and business coach ( )

About Afke
Afke's Tantra schools and teachers are ISTA, Agamana, Healing Tao, Saida Desilets and Layla Martin. Afke gives tantra and wild women trainings, she is co-facilitator of the Awaken As Love training and assists ISTA trainings. She also works as a sex, love and relationship coach. She started practicing the Healing Tao in the 1990s, in which she learned to work with breath and energy and also with the jade egg. The life she lived at that time was glamorous, she worked as a fashion model and actress and traveled all over the world. Her longing for more depth and real connection grew and she started teaching Hatha and Yin Yoga. Yoga and Vipassana helped her to turn inward and observe her true self. After 10 years of Yoga discipline Tantra became her main spiritual path.

This study will be offered in Dutch (English spoken if needed).

Date: 21, 22, 25, 28 en 29 May, 2022
Time: 09:00 - 18:00
Location: De Nieuwe Yogaschool
Price: €850 incl. BTW and including daily vegetarian lunch