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Svastha Yoga Therapy for Mental Health: an exploration with Anneke Sips

1 / 6 | € 89,00
20 juli 2019 12:00 - 19:00 UUR
Svastha Yoga Therapy fo...
1 / 6 | € 89,00
20 juli 2019 12:00 - 19:00 UUR
Anneke ...
les wordt gegeven doorAnneke Sips
20 juli 2019 12:00 - 19:00 UUR
1 / 6 | € 89,00


Core message:
What is a state of Svastha (balanced health) and how can I bring yoga therapy into my own life and teaching when struggling with mental health issues?

Research shows that yoga can play an important role in prevention and the recovery of various diseases related to mental health, like trauma, stress, depression and addiction. In the long term, yoga supports changes in the neuroplasticity of the brain. In the short term, yoga can help relieve all kinds of symptoms related to the diseases.

Yoga is about finding our own life philosophy that leads to a state of Svastha, or optimal health and balance. It’s about moving toward mental and physical wellness and a mindful presence over time and it offers us the tools for practice.

Where a general, public yoga class can certainly ease everyday aches, pains, and mood complaints - in general, a yoga therapy session takes it a bit further, because it is tailored to the individual needs or wishes of a person.

Yoga as a therapy:
Yoga as a form of therapy is booming: all the more reason to carefully examine the basic principles and ethics with regard to mental health. In this training day, Anneke investigates the concept of Svastha and Yoga Therapy with you. You’ll get insight in the difference between yoga therapy and specialized therapeutic classes (for certain complaints). This training day does not make you a yoga therapist, but gives you the opportunity to have a taste of yoga therapy to decide if you wish to dive deeper into it.

What you’ll learn:
In this experimental training we are going to explore what is yoga therapy and the most common yoga research findings on trauma, mood issues and stress and why it’s useful for yoga teachers to stay updated on the new findings.

You will have a clearer understanding of the role of yoga therapy for mental health and you will also learn how you can recognise (mild) psychological problems in your lessons and how you can support people with such complaints in the group creating and holding a safe space.

You might notice a shift in your personal approach and attitude towards psychological problems in your yoga class and life in general.

It's also possilble to follow a weekender workshop with Anneke Sips.

- Yoga Therapy >CLICK HERE

Date: Saturday July 20th 2019
Time: 12.00 - 19.00 hr

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